News Director Looking for Solutions After 2 Toddlers Die in Shootings

By Kevin Eck 

Little Rock, Ark. news director Austin Kellerman is fed up and looking for solutions after two toddlers were shot to death within weeks of each other.

“There’s probably no time in life when a person is more innocent…more cute…more curious…more alive,” says the news director for Little Rock NBC affiliate KARK and Fox affiliate KLRT.

Under the headline Two Toddlers. Two Lives. Two Much, Kellerman wrote a commentary saying he’s aware that his position as newsroom leader of a local station gives him a powerful voice in the community, a voice he wants to use as “a conduit for change.”


“It can’t just be a story or two. A special broadcast isn’t enough,” says Kellerman. “A typical town hall meeting won’t do the trick. It needs to be something with the potential to make a long-term impact, bring justice to affect families, and keep this from happening in the future.”

He’s asking for solutions from anyone who wants to add their voice. You can email him at

Click here to read the commentary.

He promises to keep everyone updated on his progress.