News Corp. ‘Not Actively Engaged’ in NBCU Pursuit

By Andrew Gauthier 

Broadcasting & Cable

News Corp. President and COO Chase Carey says that his company is “not actively engaged” in talks with General Electric about acquiring a stake in NBC Universal, but that “any time you have something of this size and scope going on you’re not doing your job if you’re not thinking about it.”

Carey made the remarks at the 2nd annual Broadcasting & Cable/Multichannel News OnScreen Media Summit in New York Oct. 21.


“I think they are great assets, a unique set of assets,” Carey said. “The cable channels are obviously the heart of it, they are run really nicely. A group of channels like that doesn’t come along very often. It is truly unique set of businesses, and something that clearly caught the interest of Comcast.”

Speaking of Comcast’s courting of the company, Carey added that he believed that, “There’s a decent chance it will come to fruition.”

He echoed a similar sentiment when asked about the possibility of News Corp. bidding on the 2014 and 2016 Olympic games, the rights to which will be up soon. More…