New York Reporter Denies Gov. Cuomo Harassed Her After Video Surfaces

By Kevin Eck 

News 12 Westchester reporter Beth Cefalu denies New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was being inappropriate when he encouraged her to eat a sausage sandwich during the 2016 New York State Fair.

“I want to see you eat the whole sausage,” Cuomo can be heard telling Cefalu in a video recently posted to Twitter. Cuomo can be seen directing someone to deliver a sausage sandwich to Cefalu while the two banter about whether she’ll eat the whole thing. Cefalu can be seen taking a selfie with the governor and the sandwich in question.

Fox reports Cuomo was harassing Cefalu, and reported that the video shows Cuomo “questionably pressuring a female reporter to eat an entire sausage sandwich in front of him.” But Cefalu disagrees.


“I was not pressured/harassed this is two people enjoying the one event – the NYS fair – that gives them a little more freedom to be informal,” Cefalu wrote on Twitter. “Its really sad it’s being turned into anything more.”

Cefalu continued: “This is why people hate ‘the media’ misleading headlines and one-sided articles twisting reality. It’s really sad that any media will turn fun at the fair into some sleazy scandal that it wasn’t. PS – thanks @FoxNews for speaking for me 👌🏻 very professional.”

The video surfaced as two former Cuomo aides have come forward alleging the governor sexually harassed them.

Here’s the video that surfaced on Twitter before being picked up by Fox:

Fox has amended the story, adding in Cefalu’s reaction. Click here to view.