New Campaign Rips TV Meteorologists for Denying Climate Change

By Andrew Gauthier 

As the AMS holds its annual meeting this week, a group of conservationists has launched a campaign pressuring TV meteorologists “to report the facts about climate change.”

Forecast the Facts is backed by three non-profit organizations and its goal is to hold meteorologists accountable on climate change.

“Scientists have been predicting for years that human-induced climate change would lead to a future of increasingly dangerous extreme weather events,” the campaign states. “But when most Americans tune into their local weather report, they won’t hear a peep about climate change. Why? Because the majority of TV meteorologists don’t believe in it.”


Claiming that over 50% of TV meteorologists don’t believe in human-induced climate change, Forecast the Facts has posted a list on its website of meteorologists that have been identified as “deniers,” including Geoff Fox of WTIC, Bob Breck of WVUE, and James Spann of WBMA.

Forecast the Facts has drawn the ire of some TV news insiders since it launched last Friday.   Neal Barton, news director of KETK in Tyler, TX, took to the air on Monday to criticize the campaign’s “far-left thinking” (video below).

In the segment, Barton references this post from ThinkProgress.