New App Lets Local Station Live Stream Network Shows

By Kevin Eck 

U-Verse subscribers in Raleigh, N.C. can now watch more than just local news on their mobile devices. For the first time, viewers of a non-owned and operated station can also live stream network programming.

Capitol Broadcasting Company and TotalCast have launched a new streaming app WATCH FOX 50 that lets U-Verse subscribers stream live network and local programming airing on local Fox affiliate WRAZ. While owned and operated stations offer a similar service, their network live streams are only available through proprietary apps like Watch ABC or CBS All-Access.

“As local broadcasters, we want our news, sports and entertainment programming on as many platforms and devices as possible”, said vp and gm of CBC New Media, James F. Goodmon, Jr. “We are excited about launching this innovative TV experience which gives Raleigh-Durham Pay-TV subscribers unlimited access to FOX 50 wherever they are and whenever they want to watch. When you realize there are more mobile devices than TVs, it is easy to see the value of local broadcasters launching TV Everywhere platforms like the WATCH FOX 50 app.”


The catch is, viewers can only watch shows like the NFL games on Fox to Empire and Gotham on their mobile devices within the Raleigh-Durham market.

TotalCast uses geo-location, geo-fencing and stream management to make sure the signal stays within the local market. According to its website, TotalCast says it can blackout “uncleared shows on the go”

TotalCast gm Kirk Owen told TVSpy “Fox Network was awesome to deal with. They provided Fox 50 with very clear requirements and working together we were able to meet the Fox requirements.” He added his company expects to announce the same service for independent affiliates in other markets.

The app is available for both android and iOS devices.