NBC’s Curry Trapped in New York Times Elevator

By Andrew Gauthier 


In a situation ripe with symbolism, Ann Curry–veteran NBC News anchor and Twitter enthusiast–was trapped inside an elevator in the New York Times building on Monday after speaking at a panel discussion about social media and news gathering.

Curry, along with other members of the event’s panel, including Phil Thomas, co-founder of mobile video-sharing platform Pegshot, and Jeff Pulver, a technology blogger and activist, was trapped in the elevator for roughly an hour before help finally arrived.


Gawker described the predicament as the “most thoroughly documented elevator entrapment ever.” Within seconds of the elevator stopping, the group was busy typing on their mobile devices–sending tweets and recording video. Curry was the first to get a tweet out, saying simply, “Stuck in an elevator in the New York Times building with @JeffPulver.”

One can watch the event unfold in a series of videos that Thomas posted to Pegshot. While the group waited to be rescued, Curry told a story about interviewing President Obama and everyone maneuvered their iPhones, Blackberrys, digital cameras, and laptops.