NBC-Affiliate KSBW Becoming ABC-Affiliate As Well

By Andrew Gauthier 

KSBW, the NBC-affiliate for the Monterery-Salinas-Santa Cruz market, is set to become an ABC-affiliate as well.  The Hearst-owned station announced on Monday that it will begin carrying ABC programming on its digital sub-channel.

Historically, viewers in the Central Coast region have relied on KNTV in nearby San Jose for its ABC programming.  Now, as the result of a new affiliation agreement, KSBW will carry ABC’s regular programming, as well as syndicated shows, on its 8.2 digital channel.  In addition to ABC shows, the station will broadcast KSBW’s newscasts on the sub-channel.

“The Central Coast has never had a local ABC affiliate. Now we can bring viewers NBC shows, plus the great line-up from ABC,” said Joseph Heston, KSBW’s president and GM.  “Best of all, the #1 rated newscast in our region, ‘KSBW Action News 8,’ will be seen on both channels.”

KSBW will be the 14th ABC affiliate owned by Hearst Television, which is currently the largest ABC affiliate group owner with stations in Boston, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and elsewhere.


“We are looking forward to a strong distribution relationship with KSBW,” said John Rouse, ABC’s SVP of affiliate relations, in making the announcement.