Nashville Election Chairman Calls WSMV Reporter a ‘B—-‘ Then Quits

By Kevin Eck 

Despite saying he stands by calling a WSMV reporter a bitch during an interview, Davidson County Election Commission Chairman Ron Buchanan resigned before the interview aired on the Nashville NBC affiliate.

“I said it. I meant it. I still mean it,” Buchanan said. “That was the one word that I could think of that accurately conveyed what I was thinking at that time.

WSMV reports Buchanan ended an interview with reporter Alanna Autler, who was asking about money spent by elections administrator Kent Wall. WSMV is investigating purchases made with a government issued credit card including a $614 frame for an oversized map of local council districts and a $123 dinner.

“Could you have gone to a restaurant that perhaps wasn’t as expensive?” Autler asked.

“That’s it,” Buchanan said.

“Could you explain the picture that’s $600?” Autler said.

“That’s it,” Buchanan said.

“That’s it?” Autler said.

“That’s exactly the bitch I thought you would be,” Buchanan said.

“I should not have used that terminology, but as the media has the freedom of press, individuals have the freedom of speech. And I can tell her what I think about her. And I did that, and I don’t apologize for it. There are people that don’t think I should have done it and that it hurts politics in this area, and so be it.”

TVSpy initially reported WSMV was investigating Buchanan when it was investigating Kent Wall’s spending. We apologize for the error.