NAHJ President Travels to El Paso to Support Members Covering Mass Shooting

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

NAHJ president Hugo Balta is in El Paso, Texas ahead of the organization’s annual conference next week in San Antonio.

Balta is there supporting NAHJ members who have been covering the mass shooting and the fallout.

In a recent blog post, he said the organization is sponsoring a team of mental health experts traveling to El Paso to help local members and students suffering from PTSD.


“I will be joining members at both sessions to express my gratitude for their commitment in telling the stories of a community that’s suffering tremendous loss, and to commit NAHJ’s resources in helping them deal with the distress they’re enduring,” said Balta.

The NAHJ led sessions have been going on since Wednesday. This is a collaboration with Entravision, UTEP and Borderzine.