N.C. County Government Survey Shows One Local Station Dominates Competition

By Kevin Eck 

A recent survey conducted by Wake County, N.C. found that a majority of residents get their news from local TV, and nearly 70% of those residents watch NBC affiliate WRAL.

The survey polled over 2500 residents in the county and asked them about what it said were key issues of importance. When asked what news outlet they preferred, 55% of them said they get news and information from local TV and 69% of those respondents named WRAL as their go to station.

“The team at WRAL NEWS is both honored and humbled by this,” the station posted on its website.


“We don’t take the community’s trust for granted,” said WRAL News Director Rick Gall. “We’re committed every day to serving the community by helping people become informed, protect their families and live better.”

The station said survey results are “strikingly similar” to the Nielsen ratings for March 2023, which showed that 63% of adults 25-54 years old get their news from WRAL.

“This is our home, and what matters to you matters to us,” said WRAL station manager Heather Gray. “We take pride in being a part of our community and strive to provide the news and information that matters most to our viewers.”