N.C. Anchor Responds to Viewer Mail Criticizing Her Appearance

By Kevin Eck 

WITN anchor Lauren Baker has responded to some viewer hate mail targeting her appearance.

The story, first reported by FTVLive, is that some Greenville, N.C. viewers decided they should let the station know they don’t like watching Baker. Some of their comments are represented in the screenshots posted to social media by Baker.

She’s worked at the station since September 2021.


On Facebook, Baker told people to stop commenting on people’s appearances. She also said local TV anchors need to represent the whole community.

PSA: It’s 2022 everyone, STOP COMMENTING ON PEOPLE’S APPEARANCES. The amount of these types of messages I get is unacceptable. Not everyone on TV is or will ever look the same. If we are suppose to represent our community, we should look like everyone in our community! I know for a fact that there are plenty beautiful plus size babes that live next to you, work at your job or just simply exist. I’m glad I have tough skin and I can take these comments. If how someone looks upsets you, look the other way. There is no need to spread hate. Plus I know I’m fine.

WITN told TVSpy, it “fully supports Lauren.” A spokesperson there said the station “will be working with her privately to put an end to these types of rude and harmful comments.”