‘Most Consistent’ Reporter in St. Louis Retiring After Three Decades

By Kevin Eck 

Roche Madden is retiring from St. Louis Fox affiliate KTVI on July 1.

Madden, who started working at the Nexstar-owned station in 1985, plans on moving east to spend more time with his family.

In a statement on the station website, KTVI general manager Kurt Krueger called Madden “one of the most consistent and dependable reporters to ever work in St. Louis.”


“Viewers have seen Madden work every shift. He has been on KTVI newscasts during the morning, daytime, nights and weekends,” Joe Millitzer, KTVI and KPLR’s executive producer of interactive content, wrote in an article for the station. “You may remember signature line ending each report because of the emphasis on the station instead of the reporter, ‘Roche Madden… FOX 2 News.'”

Before joining KTVI, Madden worked for nearly five years in Tulsa, Okla., and almost two years in Midland, Texas.

In 2011, he shared his battle with colorectal cancer, encouraging others to speak to their doctors about getting a colonoscopy.

The station shared some of Madden’s old reports, including this one from 1986. Take a look below: