Milwaukee Anchor Calls Viewer’s Clothing Critique ‘Laughable’

By Kevin Eck 

WISN anchor Toya Washington publicly called an anonymous viewer complaint about her “more revealing” and “less professional” wardrobe “laughable.”

The viewer wrote a letter to the Milwaukee ABC affiliate anchor, yes people still do that kind of thing, accusing Washington of dressing unprofessionally because she may be feeling her age. The viewer closed by saying Washington was doing a “very good job” and to “keep up the good work.”

Washington, who has worked at the station for more than 15 years, posted a snapshot of the letter and her response on Facebook.


“Our family has been a regular viewer of Ch. 12 TV/News, and we wanted to offer the following observation and suggestion(s) to you,” wrote the anonymous viewer. “Lately, your style of dress has become ‘more revealing’ and ‘less professional”.(sic) You have always done a very good job, and there’s no reason to wear what appeared to be a ‘camisole’ (02/24/17) to increase your ratings.”

Washington, who is pictured above in the garment in question, responded by saying “This is laughable my friends” and added that showing more skin is “beneath me.”

The viewer also wrote that Washington might be thinking “less dress is more” because she “quite possibly” might be feeling her age as an anchor.

“As far as ‘feeling my age’ Just. Wow,” she said. “If ‘feeling my age’ is in reference to still being able to effectively slay at work and at home as a wife and mother, then yes…I feel star-spangled-banner good for ‘my age.’ For the record and ‘for my age,’ I haven’t been this fit and in shape since high school. Which apparently was forever ago…”

The viewer suggested Washington emulate her co-anchors who, according to the viewer, “very rarely” dress unprofessionally.

“I’ll continue to ‘keep up the good work’ regardless of your opinions. And no, I won’t be changing my style,” said Washington. “Now I need to remember what I wore on 2/24…so I can wear it again.”

Here’s a shot of the letter.
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