Mike Scott, GM of Springfield’s KYTV and KSPR, Announces Retirement

By Andrew Gauthier 

Mike Scott, general manager of KY3 Inc., which manages KYTV and KSPR in Springfield, Missouri, announced in a staff meeting earlier this week that he will retire at the end of March.

“I have always felt I had the best job in town because of the people I have represented during my tenure at KY3, Inc,” Scott said in announcing his retirement to staff.  “The credit for our accomplishments goes to you and thanks for letting me be part of it.”

Scott, 53, has led KY3 since 1996.  In 2009, ABC-affiliate KSPR entered into a shared services agreement with KYTV and, although the two stations maintain separate news operations, Scott oversees both stations.


Scott’s final day is set for March 31 but he will move into a part-time consulting role with KY3’s parent company Schurz Communications.  Schurz is now searching for Scott’s successor with the intention of introducing one on March 1 to allow for a 30-day transition period.

“Mike Scott will leave KY3, Inc. as one of the longest serving and most successful general managers in the company’s 57-year history,” said Schurz Communications SVP Marci Burdick. “He leaves his successor with a terrific team of employees and department heads.”