Mike Marza Leaving Miami for Kansas City

By Aneya Fernando 

2547279_GAnchor Mike Marza has announced his departure from Miami FOX affiliate WSVN.

“After four years at 7 News, Mike Marza has decided to leave the station,” Alice Jacobs, vice president of news, told Gossip Extra. “Mike has done a wonderful job anchoring and reporting for WSVN, but he has decided to pursue another opportunity.”

Marza and his wife, WFOR morning anchor Rhiannon Ally, are heading back to Kansas City, where they both previously worked. Word on the street is that Marza already has a gig lined up at one of the three major stations, while Ally is still looking.


Prior to joining WSVN, Marza worked at ABC News, where he was as a freelance anchor and correspondent, based in New York City. Ally previously worked at WCBS (also in NYC), where she served as an entertainment reporter and fill-in anchor.

There’s no word yet on who will replace Marza and Ally at their respective stations.