Mike Jerrick is Back On-Air at Good Day Philadelphia

By Kevin Eck 

Good Day Philadelphia co-anchor Mike Jerrick is back on-air after taking a break to treat his depression.

Jerrick left Fox-owned Fox 29 in early March to treat his depression at a retreat in the Carolinas.

Here’s what Jerrick wrote on Facebook:


Special Delivery! My daughters, their hubbies and children sent these flowers my way. Love them, and the flowers too. Yes, I’m delivering myself back to where I belong, with you on Good Day Philadelphia on FOX 29 tomorrow morning. My goal was to answer each of your messages for me here on Facebook, but I quickly realized that would be impossible. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement. Very humbling. I am also thankful for you allowing me all this time to work on some personal issues that needed attention. Plus, a big thank you to my FOX family for dealing with my absence in such a professional loving way. I was also taken aback by how many of your families have been touched by depression. We can elaborate on that together tomorrow morning. So, I guess I’ll see you on Good Day tomorrow! I’ve missed hanging out with you. I’m rested and ready, so watch out!!!

While he was gone, he told viewers, “For the past year and a half, medication and alcohol have not done it for me, and a combination of the two certainly has not been helpful. So, my goal is to get to the root of this down mood. Thankfully, this process is working beautifully! Don’t get it twisted, it has not been easy, but it was time to finally confront the negative feelings.”