Michigan’s WMKG Is ‘Priced to Sell’ on eBay

By Andrew Gauthier 

The New York Times

You don’t need pockets as deep as Comcast’s to get into the TV business. Or even be a millionaire, apparently.

A UHF station in western Michigan–WMKG-LP, Channel 38–that airs a mix of live talk shows and outdoor sports programming, is “priced to sell” at $700,000, according to its listing on eBay. And the owner, Bud Kelley, says hell go even lower.

Mr. Kelley had originally listed the station–including property, license and equipment–on the online auction site for $1 million before dropping the price to $700,000, and said on Thursday that hed be happy with a $500,000 cash sale. Most of the people who have inquired so far were “tire-kickers,” he said, though serious offers have come his way. More…