Michaels Set to Resign Amid Reports of Bad Behavior

By Andrew Gauthier 


It appears that Randy Michaels‘ reign as CEO of Tribune Co. will come to an end by Friday. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, Michaels “has decided to resign his post.”

In recent weeks, as Tribune inched towards a plan to climb out of bankruptcy, the company has been rocked by reports of boorish behavior by its top executives. On October 5th, The New York Times published a frontpage story in which the corporate culture under Michaels was described as resembling “a frat house.” While the company dealt with the fall-out of the article, Lee Abrams, Tribune’s Chief Innovation Officer, only underscored this portrayal by sending an inappropriate email to staff. He was suspended and later resigned.


It now looks like Michaels will follow Abrams out Tribune’s exits. But not before his reputation is further sullied as more accounts of bad behavior spill in. In reporting Michaels’ impending resignation, the Chicago Tribune offers a slew of incidents in which Michaels acted inappropriately, including one in which he asked a female employee, “Did anyone tell you that you’d look really good on your knees?”