Miami Stations Go to Rolling Coverage of Airport Shooting

By Kevin Eck 

Miami’s local stations dropped regular programming and went wall-to-wall to cover the shootings at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport this afternoon.

“Broward Commissioner Chip LaMarca told CBS4 the shooter was a passenger on a Canadian flight with a checked gun,” reports WFOR at the time of this writing. “He says the shooter claimed his bag at the baggage claim area then took the gun from his bag before going into a bathroom and loading his weapon. He then reportedly came out of the bathroom and began shooting people in the baggage claim area.”

CBS-owned WFOR broke into The Young and the Restless at 1:07 p.m. with David Sutta showing live pictures of the airport tarmac. Sutta reported shots fired and “a lot of panic” with people running on the tarmac.


WFOR returned the the soap opera after two minutes, then returned two minutes later.

ABC affiliate WPLG broke into The Chew a little before 1:08. The station also showed live shots of people on the tarmac. The station said it was waiting for confirmation about what was happening.

Fox affiliate WSVN interrupted Rachael Ray at 1:06 with live shots from its helicopter. The anchor told viewers shots had been fired and also said there were “victims in some form or fashion.”

NBC-owned WTVJ broke into soap opera Days of Our Lives at 1:10 with live shots from Chopper 6. The anchor said the station had been told about a situation between terminals two and three and that there may be victims and a shooter at the airport. The station said they would wait for confirmation before saying how many people had been shot.

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