Miami Reporter Calls Rival Station #FakeJournalism

By Kevin Eck 

Jim DeFede, an investigative reporter for CBS-owned Miami station WFOR, publicly questioned a rival station’s push to end express lanes in south Florida.

ABC affiliate WPLG has made no secret of its support in eliminating the lanes. It mentions the campaign in its newscasts and has posted and aired an editorial from GM Bert Medina. The station also encourages readers and viewers to sign a petition that “demands our lawmakers do away with express lanes.

Yesterday, DeFede tweeted out,”Is WPLG really running commercials and using its website to pimp anti-express lanes petition? #FakeJournalism”

“WPLG has a rich history of airing editorials and taking a stand on important issues in our community,” WPLG told TVSpy. “We also encourage contrasting points of view.”

WFOR refused to comment.

Here’s Medina’s editorial: