Meteorologist Tammie Souza Celebrates Her Return to Chicago with a Blizzard

By Andrew Gauthier 

Meteorologist Tammie Souza, returning to Chicago’s WFLD after a two-year stint with Tampa’s WTSP, was welcomed back to the Windy City with a major blizzard.

Souza’s first day on-air with the Fox-affiliate was this past Saturday (video above), right as a major storm was about to rip through the area.


As snow began to pummel Chicago, Souza called the station and asked to be put out in the field.

“I love covering winter weather,” Souza told TVSpy via email. “The things you see in a snow storm are unique. Expressways covered with a foot of snow and no cars on them–looks like ski runs. I made a snow angel in the middle of Lake Shore Drive. Not likely that will happen again in my lifetime. People come together in an event like this and that’s a good thing to see.”

Athough the snow-blocked expressways and sub-zero winds are a far cry from the balmy climate of Tampa, Souza says that there wasn’t a lot of adjustment required as she returned to Chicago.

“Surprisingly, severe weather is covered much the same in both places. It’s snow and ice in Chicago, while Tampa has severe storms during the late winter,” she explained.  “I want people to be informed and prepared, not go over the top or fall short. That said, a blizzard like our recent one which shut down Chicago for days is rare and requires wall-to-wall coverage and days of preparation. Other than that, the safety tips differ, and oh yeah, I need all that snow gear!”

Souza’s excitement to be back at WFLD wasn’t entirely because of the winter weather, though. While at WTSP, she was forced to split time between Tampa and Chicago, where her husband and son continued to live.

Souza’s husband had a difficult time finding work in Tampa and ultimately the family decided that they could no longer deal with the weekend flights and difficult goodbyes.

“Family should always come first,” Souza says “I feel more complete now and not so weary from traveling all the time. I’m sure that will have a positive and creative effect on my job as well.”