Meteorologist Jennifer Myers Out Due to Thyroid Surgery

By Aneya Fernando 

418820_349877521758711_833147823_nJennifer Myers, a meteorologist at KDFW, the Dallas-Fort Worth FOX-owned station, made a shocking announcement last week.

On Wednesday, she wrote that she’d be taking the next few weeks off to recover from surgery, in which her entire thyroid would be removed:

I’m having surgery tomorrow to have my entire thyroid removed due to what is likely stage I Papillary Cancer. Thyroid cancer (while one of the fastest growing) is one of the most survivable cancers out there, so if that’s the case, I’ve got a great prognosis.


When I get back, there will be a pretty noticeable scar on my neck, so heads up on that one. I’ve chosen not to cover it up because we’re adults and it’s good for us to handle a little dose of life from time to time. Also, putting makeup over a wound is asking for trouble, and scarfs make me look ridiculous.

FOX (and everyone at the station) have been amazingly supportive through all of this, so a HUGE thank you to them.

Myers has been posting daily updates to her Facebook account, posting pics in her hospital gown and describing the food there (‘Holy guacamole… the food at Baylor has been amazing!’)

Myers joined KDFW in July 2012 from KVIA, the ABC affiliate in El Paso, Texas, where she was a meteorologist and multimedia journalist.

We wish Myers a speedy recovery.