Memphis Reporter and Interview Subject Dive for Cover from Drive By Shooting Nearby

By Kevin Eck 

A reporter and an interview subject for Memphis ABC station WATN were recorded on video diving for cover after multiple shots were fired nearby.

In a post on its website, WATN said “our crew was interviewing a Whitehaven community leader when shots rang out from across the street. Thankfully everyone was OK.”

In the video, the interview subject was spelling her name for the the reporter, who is likely Jay Jones, when the shooting began.


The subject ducked out of camera view and somewhat heroically instructs Jay to “get down and stay down.” She then said in a calming voice, “Just get down and stay down. It’s OK.” A little later she wondered if the shooters are coming back and told Jay “You’re OK, Jay” after he can be heard breathing heavily.

We asked WATN about it and will update when we hear back.