Memphis Meteorologist Pens Ode to Warm Weather

By Kevin Eck 

WMC meteorologist Andrew Kozak, who is known to wax poetic about weather, is at it again.

The Memphis NBC affiliate meteorologist wrote an ode to Spring he calls “An Ode to ‘Spring.'”

He was inspired by this week’s near record highs and singing birds in his market.

Here’s the video from WMC:
WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Here’s the text:

“An Ode to ‘Spring'”

What’s going on, Memphis? It’s the craziest thing,

The highs are near 80 and it’s not even spring

The season *says* winter, it feels anything but

The sun’s really shining- no cold-weather rut

Everything’s blooming… the trees have some leaves,

No one’s in jackets, all I see is short sleeves

That isn’t to say that we’re out of the woods,

Statistically- March you might still need those hoods,

For allergy sufferers-like me- what is true…

We’re enjoying the warmth but we’re saying AH-CHOO!

Some records are tying– & we’re breaking some highs,

Mosquitos are out, so are bees—so are flies!

Still- it’s nice to be out, so go let down your hair,

And find a nice deck- maybe Overton Square?

South winds- they are gusty- so the temps- they are climbing,

The chances of snow are as bad as my rhyming!

So why’s it so warm, should I be more specific?

It has to do with the ocean- up Northwest- the Pacific!

The cold-pool of water dips the jet up there down,

Then ridging occurs – oh yeah lots, goes to town!

So the Jetstream over the Mid-South retreats to the North,

In most normal winters it would go back and forth

And it stays far away, cold air can’t make it in,

And lovers of springtime get an early big win!

So no matter the forecast, we’re tracking it all,

From winter to springtime, from summer to fall

Chief Ron Childers, and Spencer, to Brittney and I,

Our heads in the clouds, and our eyes on the sky,

We’ll track record highs and tell you where live-

As always on W…M-C Action News 5

I’m done- so be happy I rhymed, didn’t sing—

This warm winter day- my Ode to “Spring”

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak