Memphis Anchor Shuts Down Body Shamer Who Called Her ‘Mighty Big’

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Another day, another news anchor dealing with body shaming.

This time it is WREG anchor Nina Harrelson in Memphis, Tenn.

Last week, she posted about a man who gave her unsolicited advice about her body.


“You look mighty big on TV!” the man said in a comment on social media.

She shut him down then continued to write her thoughts about his comment on Facebook.

“That’s what a complete stranger just said to me. FYI – journalists are not models… And I can assure you, none of us want to hear your opinions on our bodies. WE ARE NOT YOUR EYE CANDY. Luckily, after nearly nine years in this business, I have a very thick skin. But I feel sorry for the young women breaking into news who will have to deal with that kind of criticism, which their male colleagues will almost certainly never face.”

Harrelson told Yahoo Lifestyle this isn’t the first time she’s been body shamed.

”I’ve been in this business for nearly nine years, so I’ve had my fair share of body-shamers. They typically hide behind their keyboards with their fake accounts and photos, but this guy took it upon himself to share his opinion on my body to my face — as if I should be flattered that he thinks I look skinnier in person. The sad thing is, I truly believe he thought he was giving me a compliment.”