Megyn Kelly Displays Star Power in Media Tour

By Andrew Gauthier 


Fox News wants you to know: it has a new star.

Over the past week, anchor Megyn Kelly has gone on a media tour that’s included a glowing profile in Variety and an inspired pairing of stops at Howard Stern‘s Sirius radio show and “The View.” Along the way, she displayed the poise and charm that led Variety to call her “the TV newsie of the moment.”

On “The View,” Kelly discussed the details of two recent news stories–the case of a Tennessee woman who returned her adopted Russian son and the story of Massachusetts bullying victim Phoebe Prince. Of the Tennessee woman, Kelly, a new mother, said, “You have to do everything you can to try and help the kid.” (Video here)

Needless to say, the tenor of the Howard Stern interview was quite different. Stern pressed Kelly on personal details including her salary–Kelly said that she was not at liberty to say–and her bra size–Kelly gamely desribed her breasts as “killer Bs.” Playing the classic Happy Hour game “Marry, F–k, Kill,” Kelly said, of the evening Fox News lineup, she would marry Sean Hannity, have sex with Bill O’Reilly, and kill Glenn Beck. (Audio here)