Masked Man Raises Questions After Recording Detroit Reporter During Live Shot

By Kevin Eck 

WJBK reporter Amy Lange had a creepy interaction with a masked man who was holding a camera while she doing a live stand up for her story Monday.

Lange was finishing up a live report for the Detroit Fox-owned station about masked and armed open carry advocates who were arrested for walking into a Dearborn, Michigan police station Sunday. During her live report, the camera pans to show a masked man holding a camera and recording her.

The station reports, “One man was a 24-year-old Leonard, Mich., resident named James Baker armed with an AP-14 firearm and handgun. The other was a 40-year-old Jackson, Mich., resident carrying a camera and tripod.”


“He appears to be James, will not confirm that he’s James, but is here shooting us, shooting him,” said Lange. “It’s a bizarre world we live in.”

Anchor Huel Perkins pointed out the danger of carrying weapons into a police station and asked if the men were looking for a fight.