Mary Benton Leaving KPRC

By Kevin Eck 

benton kprcMary Benton is leaving Houston NBC affiliate KPRC after 20 years, reports Houston media blogger Mike McGuff.

“It is certainly with mixed emotions at I am leaving,” Benton told McGuff. “I think what I will miss most is being a voice in the newsroom and represent those that did not have a voice in the media.”

Benton’s facebook page is filled with people wishing her well. One commenter wrote, “You have been a inspiration and provided a wonderful service to the communities you’ve served. May you be blessed Mary!!”


Earlier this year Benton took a leave of absence from the station to undergo surgery.

Due to complications that have caused anemia, Benton has been dealing with blood transfusions, infusions, medications and countless doctors appointments.

“Every day I felt exhausted and sick,” Benton tells “My blood level/hemoglobin was always extremely low. My doctors told me they were amazed that I managed to wake up and get to work every morning.”