Marquette Station Having Signal Problems

By Kevin Eck 

Nexstar Broadcasting’s Marquette, Mich. station WJMN is having problems with its over the air signal.

The CBS affiliate updated viewers during last night’s newscast, on facebook and on its website.


Viewer reaction has been negative on facebook. One viewer commented. “Maybe you should find some new engineers cuz it shouldn’t take 4 F-N days.”

Here’s the text of what they wrote on the website. It mirrors what they say on-air.

Some of our regular viewers are not able to watch programming on WJMN this evening.  The issue is on our end and not a problem with your satellite or cable provider. 

Our over-the-air transmission is interrupted due to technical difficulties. We’ve had on-going interruptions for the last couple of days.

The WJMN engineering department is working around the clock to repair the damage to our transmitter to get the CBS and Local 3 programming back on the air. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working diligently to resolve the issue.

We reached out to WJMN for comment. We will update when we hear back.