Man Smashing Car Windows in KCPQ Parking Lot Caught on Camera

By Kevin Eck 

A Seattle man was caught by FOX affiliate KCPQ busting car windows in the station parking lot.

The suspect was eventually tackled by police, but not before anchor David Rose followed him down a street asking why he was so angry and lecturing him about the dangers of wielding a hammer and a wrench and bashing in windows for no apparent reason. Rose then told the suspect his rage was misplaced. Keep in mind, the man is probably not mentally stable. And he has a hammer in his hand.

The suspect is accused of doing the same to at least 28 cars along Westlake Avenue in South Lake Union.

The station reports, “He was taken to King County Jail where he was checked out by a nurse, and he could be admitted to a hospital for a mental evaluation.”