Man Charged After Calling WISN About 30-Year-Old Murder Case

By Kevin Eck Comment

A man has been charged in the 1982 murder of a 13-year-old Milwaukee girl after calling ABC affiliate WISN and describing the case in disturbing detail.

“His story was very detailed — disturbingly so,” WISN news director Chris Gegg told The Associated Press. Gegg said the station called the police because the man’s story raised “several red flags.”

A criminal complaint dated Oct. 17 against 50-year-old Jose Ferreira and made available on Monday, says he told authorities that he pushed Carrie Ann Jopek during a party in 1982. He shoved her after she had changed her mind about going to the basement, where he thought they were going to “make out.”

He told police he saw her head hit the railing and wall and that she wasn’t moving when he walked down the stairs. He told authorities that he thought she was unconscious and used that as an opportunity to take advantage of her sexually.

The police document says he realized her neck was broken when he picked her up from the floor and saw her head was turned unnaturally. He buried her under a porch where her body was found 17 months later by someone doing repair work, according to the complaint.

Ferreira has been charged with second degree murder and faces 20 years in prison if convicted.