Man Burned in KOMO Crash on Mend, Doesn’t Remember Accident

By Kevin Eck 

komo chopper crashThe man injured when the KOMO helicopter crashed into his car is recovering from burns he suffered in the accident and his partner says he doesn’t remember what happened.

Richard Newman suffered second and third degree burns in the March 18 crash. The accident killed Seattle ABC affiliate photographer Bill Strothman and pilot Gary Fitzner.

“We’re thankful that he doesn’t remember. Maybe it will come back over time,” Daniel Jung told

Newman underwent a second surgery Monday, where doctors added skin grafts to his torso and arms. He continues to recover slowly, but will remain hospitalized for an indeterminate amount of time.

“The wound on his face is really going to dictate when he gets out,” said Dr. Nicole Gibran.

Jung also met Tuesday with the Fisher Plaza security guard who helped Newman after he dragged himself out of the burning car with his clothing on fire. He said Newman is grateful and both realize how lucky he is to be alive.

“I think we both realize we don’t do enough we could be doing so much more for people just by seeing the outpouring of support that we received I think helped us realize that we need to do more,” he said. “I almost lost somebody, the love of my life, the one person I am married to. So I feel blessed.”

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board are scheduled to return Wednesday to the hangar in Auburn where the wreckage from the helicopter is being kept and examined.