Not Guilty Plea For Man Accused of Shooting Sports Anchor Kyle Kraska

By Kevin Eck 

Mike Montana, the man accused of shooting KFMB sports director Kyle Kraska last week has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder.

KFMB reports Montana was out on bail when he shot Kraska six times outside his home. Montana was arrested twice in October and November for DUI related to drugs.

Court records also show he’s been involved with several civil lawsuits, owes nearly $2,000 in back taxes and was served with papers last year, accused of owing more than $5,000 in delinquent rent.


He also has a history of threatening behavior. During Tuesday’s arraignment, Montana was also charged with making a criminal threat in a separate case involving a DMV employee last year, allegedly telling her he was going to get a firearm out of his vehicle following a confrontation.

Kraska met Montana while he was doing paint work for some of his Scripps Ranch neighbors and hired him to paint the outside of his house. However, Kraska wasn’t satisfied with Montana’s work, so he paid him for what he had done and the two agreed to part ways.

“He didn’t owe the guy any money. They had completed their transaction and the guy came back and started demanding more money from Kyle,” said Kraska’s co-worker and friend Todd Villalobos.

Meanwhile, Kraska’s condition has improved significantly and we’re told he’s made great progress. He has also been communicating with doctors and loved ones. His East Coast family is by his side at the hospital, grateful for all the support and well-wishes they’ve received from the community.