Maine Anchor Says a Viewer Harassed Him Because of His Sexuality

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WMTW anchor, David Charns, says a viewer posted crude messages on his Facebook page about his sexuality.

“Yesterday, I received several homophobic messages from a person who is now banned from posting on this page. The comments ranged from “How many people do you have to [fill in the blank] to keep your job?” to “Are you worried about people connecting you with pedophilia?” to “I think your boyfriend left a stain on your tie,” he said in a lengthy post.

Charns, who anchors the morning show for the ABC affiliate in Portland, Maine, calls himself an openly gay man and continued to say he isn’t sure what that has to do with him doing his job.


“I am proud to say I don’t care if you know I’m gay or not. It’s a part of who I am. We live in a society where being gay is just like being blonde or having freckles. Who cares?”

Charns says news personalities are not punching bags and cannot be harassed.

“At a time when Americans are discussing sexual harassment, it’s important to point out this kind of social media bullying is happening to people, straight and gay, across the world. Just because I’m on TV, doesn’t mean I can just or should ignore them. One person recently referred to a dear friend as a “cow.” This kind of language is completely uncalled for. We are all human beings.”

You can view the viewer’s comments below. Charns says that person has been blocked from his Facebook page.