Louisville NBC Station Changes Anchors on Morning Newscast

By Kevin Eck 

Louisville, Ky., NBC affiliate WAVE is remaking its morning anchor team.

This morning, viewers saw evening anchor Shannon Cogan anchoring the morning newscast. Cogan will also anchor during live cut-ins during NBC’s Today Show and WAVE News Midday.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join WAVE News Sunrise! When I was approached about this opportunity, I immediately felt it was the right fit,” said Cogan. “I love anchoring morning shows because they represent the start of a new day. I hope you’ll tune in to watch!”


Cogan replaced co-anchor Connie Leonard, who will move to the WAVE Troubleshooter team starting June 20.

“Viewers reach out to us when they believe no one is in their corner,” Leonard said. “Getting them results is the most important and satisfying job we have.”

Starting June 16, morning anchor Brian Shlonsky will move to evenings as a reporter.