Lots of Changes at Texas Station

By Kevin Eck 

KBTX, the CBS affiliate for Bryan, Texas, has made some changes to its management structure.

Josh Gorbutt has been named interim news director. He was the news operations manager and replaces Jamie Burch, who had been nd at the station since October 2013. Taking Gorbutt’s place as interim news operations manager is Kejuan Brown.

Afternoon anchor Rusty Surette is the Dayside executive producer, anchor and reporter Steve Fullhart has been named nightside ep, and former assistant news director, Sylvia Villarreal, is now assignments manager.


>Correction: TVSpy initially wrote, “KBTX gm Mike Wright told TVSpy no one has been fired. The moves are all internal. Though there is no word what has happened to former nd Burch.”

However, Wright later corrected TVSpy. What he actually said was, “Can’t respond to personnel issues, but all but the former ND are still with KBTX. Internal shifts.”