Looking to Prevent Future Lawsuits, Aereo Files Complaint Against CBS

By Merrill Knox 

Another legal battle is brewing between Aereo and the broadcast networks. In a complaint filed in New York federal court against CBS Broadcasting, the streaming television service has asked for a declaratory judgement that says the streaming technology does not infringe on the broadcasters’ rights and does not violate the Copyright Act of the United States.

CBS has said it will challenge Aereo in each market where the company introduces its technology. The Hollywood Reporter has more details on the suit, which seeks to bar CBS from further legal action against Aereo:

The upstart is now seeking a nationwide permanent injunction against CBS and its licensing entities. The big question in Aereo’s latest lawsuit is whether a New York judge will exercise authority to stop the broadcasters from seeking action in other jurisdictions.  CBS might attempt to have the case transferred.


A CBS spokesperson says, “The issue of unauthorized streaming of copyrighted television programming is now being contested in the 2nd Circuit and the 9th Circuit, and wherever Aereo attempts to operate there will be vigorous challenges to its Illegal  business model.”