Longtime WNEP Anchor Nolan Johannes Dies

By Mark Joyella 

Nolan Johannes, longtime anchor for Scranton, Pa., ABC affiliate WNEP, has died. He was 81.

“Nolan Johannes brought dignity to the news, brought friendship to us all,” writes WNEP’s Mike Stevens:

He was reassuring in the most troubling of times, his voice that of a kindly gentleman, explaining the events of the day all the while knowing many were not good but knowing that we needed to hear them anyway.


When the show was over he returned to his desk and began preparing the next show for that is the way it is done.

My desk was near his and sometimes we’d talk about this and that–family, kids, vacations, maybe–the problems all of us face at one time or another.

His comments were thoughtful, considerate, perhaps with a bit of humor mixed in and I valued them all.