Longtime Sacramento Photojournalist Dies

By Kevin Eck 

The staff at Sacramento owned station KOVR are mourning the death of longtime news photographer, Shawki Moore.

“The CBS13/Good Day Sacramento family is grieving an enormous loss in our newsroom,” the station said on its website. “Our friend, long-time station photographer Shawki Moore passed away Thursday. He was recovering from a major stroke. To give you a sense of who Shawki was, he’s put the camera down to pray with those involved in the tragedies he covered.”

On Twitter, Good Day Sacramento meteorologist Cody Stark said, “If you knew him, you loved him. The only thing that has stopped me from crying is that every time I think about him, I hear his laugh in my head. Please check out his doc about his stroke journey.” You can watch his doc below.


Here is a video the station put together to celebrate his life:

Here’s the video Stark references: