Longtime KYW Anchor Says Pope Visit Inspired Her…to Leave

By Kevin Eck 

Longtime KYW anchor Pat Ciarrocchi told staffers at the Philadelphia CBS-owned station she was leaving.

“On September 27th, just before 8PM, Pope Francis and Shepherd One were wheels up bound for the next chapter in his Papacy,” she wrote in a note to staff that followed her announcement. “As I watched in that moment, I felt my wheels lift up too… bound for the next chapter in a career that has had me anchored here for more than 33 years.”

She said she’d anchor the Noon show until Thursday, October 15 and take the next day to “wrap up details.”


“I know you all have lots of questions,” said Ciarrocchi. “There isn’t a back story, just a decision. I so want to do more with my life. And I need freedom to do that. The Francis visit has empowered me with the strength to forge a path that is certain to use my voice. I believe it includes new business and community opportunities.”

She worked at WHAG in Hagerstown, Md. for three years before joining KYW in 1982.