Longtime D.C. Sports Anchor Decides to Leave the Station

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

She’s been a fixture in the local sports scene in Washington. But this week, NBC Washington sports anchor-reporter Carol Maloney announced she’s leaving WRC.

Maloney told the Washington Post the two sides could not agree on a new contract or title. Maloney wanted the sports director job, a role that has been vacant since famed sportscaster George Michael last held the position in 2009.

“It was important to me, just because I think [sports director] was an appropriate title and I earned it. Not that I was entitled to it, but I thought I had earned it,” she said. “When you have leverage, you get to see what someone’s going to offer you to stay. And if you think that it doesn’t meet your value, you can decide to go somewhere else,” Maloney told the Post.


WRC assistant news director Matt Glassman told the Post the station is not looking for a sports director and called Maloney “fantastic.”

“We don’t have that position here, and it’s not a job we’re hiring for,” he said.

Maloney’s last day on the sports anchor desk was Thursday. She will host her last Redskins show over the weekend.

It is being reported that she will stay in the D.C. market and that she passed over an opportunity to interview for a job in New York City.

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