Longtime Cape Girardeau Weathercaster Dies

By Kevin Eck 

Don McNeely, the former chief weather caster at Cape Girardeau CBS affiliate KFVS has died. He was 88.

The man known as “Mr. KFVS” started working at the station after getting his Masters from Northwestern. He retired in 1993 after 50 years at the station.

“I was fortunate to work with Don,” KFVS reporter Mary-Ann Maloney wrote on Facebook. “He was the consummate professional and gentleman. Don truly was KFVS, and to this day is a legend within our building and beyond.”


From the Southeast Missourian:

Local weather buff Bob Clubbs of the popular local website clubbsmedia.com recalled McNeely’s on-air style.

“I was still fairly young when he was on television, but one of the things I remember is just how much trust people had in him,” Clubbs said. “He was very calming and very matter-of-fact. He wasn’t one to freak out, and I think people responded well to that — his demeanor.”

Clubbs said even in severe weather, his presence was calming.

“I remember the “Don said it would” umbrellas,” Clubbs said. “People still say that today, even though he hasn’t been on TV for years. People just gravitated toward his personality. His word was definitely golden in the whole area.”