Longtime Baltimore Sports Anchor Bruce Cunningham to Retire

By Kevin Eck 

Longtime Baltimore sports anchor Bruce Cunningham is retiring from Sinclair owned Fox station WBFF.

He started working at the station in 1991 and was on its very first newscast on June 3, 1991. Cunningham said he is retiring after his contract expires. “It’s Time,” he wrote in a story on the station’s website.

“The years raced by and now I find that I’m the last member of that original crew still with Fox 45,” said Cunningham. “It’s been a joy to go to work every day, loving my job and giving it all I had, but it’s a young person’s game and in recent years I have found it hard to stoke the fire that once drove me.”


WBFF vice president and general manager Billy Robbins told the Baltimore Sun, Cunningham’s name has “become synonymous with sports in the Baltimore market.”

“Bruce has always loved Baltimore, its people and its sports with a passion and it shows,” said Robbins. “This television station was fortunate to have had him at the helm as our sports director and anchor for an incredible career that spanned four decades in Baltimore.”

“Our job is not an easy one. For the last 45 years, I have arrived home after midnight, I have worked endless weekends and holidays and am ready for a change of lifestyle,” said Cunningham. “I want to sit home in the evenings, go out to dinner in the middle of the week or maybe watch the Ravens at home, on my own TV and not have to worry about how we’d frame it for that night’s newscast. I want to live a more ‘normal’ life and get out of the way for some young, hungry person like I was in 1991 to take my place.”