Local Stations Following Outbreak of Creepy Clowns

By Kevin Eck 

Local stations are picking up on the latest trend of creepy clowns stirring up trouble across the country.

Some markets are reporting clowns using social media to threaten violence and even kidnapping at schools. Other stations are showing the various ways people in clown outfits are scaring local residents.

One of the first round of reports came from Greenville, S.C. in late August. Greenville CBS affiliate WSPA reported some children said a clown tried to lure them into the woods.


Now the trend has reached as far as California. Today, KCRA in Sacramento reported a creepy clown threatened a school via social media in nearby Fairfield, Calif.

In New York, WABC reported sightings of creepy clowns in New Jersey and in New York.

“NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller addressed the issue Monday, saying the considerate resources of the NYPD’s threat assessment unit have tracked the current rash of clown scares to North Carolina, where they appear to have originated earlier this year and quickly spread through the internet,” reports WABC.

“There have been attempts to make threats over social media in New York City,” he said, adding that the NYPD quickly concluded “none of them to be credible” and that the department is going to “avoid falling into the trap” of wasting resources on obvious hoaxes.

From Toms River, New Jersey Police:

As some of you may be aware there is a story circulating around the nation regarding “creepy clown sightings.” The initial reports seem to stem from an organized movie promotion and have now morphed into copycat reports throughout New Jersey. The recent social media posts and threats to schools seem to originate from outside of New Jersey. Facebook shares and retweets have brought these concerns to New Jersey.

In Pottsville, Pa. a girl told ABC affiliate WNEP she and her friends had been chased by a clown.

The report below is from WSB in Atlanta, Ga.

Denver ABC KMGH affiliate has a list of clown sightings across the country. Click here to see. The Scripps-onwed station did the report below.

Jefferson City, Mo. ABC station KMIZ reported about a creepy clown spotted in a nearby town and another posting a threat on Facebook.

Springfield, Mo. ABC affiliate KSPR is keeping track of sightings for viewers.

Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA reported about a threat to local schools.

The station aired a clown map showing where creepy clowns have been sighted after around the country and locally after local schools were threatened.

USA Today has a rundown of sightings and incidents across the country. Click here to read.