Local Stations Cover Bombing Suspect’s Arrest

By Kevin Eck 

New York’s local stations were preparing to cover Pres. Obama’s speech addressing the weekend bombings in New Jersey and New York when news came that the man suspected of placing the bombs, Ahmad Khan Rahami, had been apprehended by police.

The chain of events started Saturday after a bomb went off in New Jersey’s Seaside Park near a Marine Corps charity run. That was followed by a blast on 23rd street in Manhattan and the discovery of an unexploded device on 27th street on Saturday night. This morning, devices were found at a New Jersey train station. No was was seriously injured by the explosions.

All the stations broke in around 11:20 a.m., just before the President’s speech, to report Rahami was in custody.


WNBC anchors David Ushery and Natalie Pasquarella tossed to reporter Jonathan Dienst who said Linden, N.J. policed trade fire with a man who matched Rahami’s description. One officer was hit in the chest but was wearing a bullet proof vest. Rahami got away, but was arrested after again trading fire with police.

George Stephanopolous broke into local programming on ABC-owned WABC to cover Obama’s speech, but was interrupted by WABC anchors Ken Rosato and Shirleen Allicot who told viewers Rahami had been apprehended after a shootout.

CBS-owned WCBS had Dana Tyler and Brian Conybeare telling viewers Rahami shot at police after they found him sleeping in a doorway. He was then shot by police and taken into custody.

On Fox-owned WNYW, Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto were in studio about to break the news about the arrest when they were upstaged by Pres. Obama who spoke about the bombings, but said he’d leave details to the FBI. After the president’s speech, Scotto told viewers Rahami was in custody after a shootout.

WPIX also reported the news with Scott Stanford and Sukanya Krishnan after Obama’s presser.