Llamas! KNXV Taps the Power of Social Media During Llama Chase

By Kevin Eck 

Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV won twitter today by live tweeting a llama chase.

The two llamas were on the run in Sun City, Ariz. Since Sun City is a retirement community running things are pretty easy to spot. The llamas were caught just before 1:30 pm but not before mayhem and drama ensued. Spoiler alert: “Llama Spring 2015” was ended by a man with a lasso.

While the other stations tweeted about the chase, their efforts paled in comparison. Sorry I had no llama pun.


Here’s how it unfolded:

The station also ran the helicopter’s coverage live on its website.

Some residents got in on the fun between bingo games.

One tried to hitch a ride in a truck.

The dry heat took a toll. They took a quick break under a tree.

The station offered prizes to whoever caught the escapees.

Like any good love story, the two were torn apart. Then they danced.

Then they came back together.

One llama sacrificed itself so the other could be free.

Then the guy with the lasso showed his skills. And suddenly the “Llama Spring 2015” was over.