Lexington Anchor Announces Thyroid Surgery After Viewers Noticed a Lump on Her Neck

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WKYT anchor Kristen Kennedy is thankful for her viewers, several of whom alerted her to an abnormality on her neck.

The Lexington, Ky. anchor on Wednesday she told viewers that she would soon head to surgery to remove a mass on her thyroid.

“It is a mass on my thyroid that I would have never had noticed if it were not for you, our viewers,” Kennedy said. “I started getting emails about two months ago. Viewers had genuine concerns. So did my doctors. Testing shows there is a 50 percent risk it is cancer, so they are going to remove it next week.”


Kennedy said that in the last two months, she started receiving emails from viewers who wanted to warn her of a visible lump on her neck.

“I got another email. And, I think about by the third one, it came from a retired physician, and that was when I started listening,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy will be working until her surgery to remove the lump, and part of her thyroid, at the end of next week. She plans on returning to the air on Dec. 28 after she recovers from the surgery.

You can watch her interview with the station here.