Let’s Watch the KXVO Pumpkin Dance!

By Kevin Eck 

In celebration of Halloween, TVSpy would like to present the “KXVO Pumpkin Dance.”

It’s already reached viral velocity and is a few years old, but Studio 360 just did a piece on the origin of the piece.

So, sit back, open up that tiny Snickers bar you’ve been hiding in your desk and watch what happened when Omaha CW station KXVO took a pumpkin, a unitard, 90 seconds to fill, a manager who probably didn’t care all that much and created the “greatest Halloween video ever.”


In 2006, Matt Geiler was the 10:00 p.m. anchor at KXVO. He told Studio 360, the station’s news director said they needed to fill 90 seconds and told him he could do whatever he wanted.

“I’ve got this one thing where I put on a unitard and a pumpkin head and dance at people’s graves,” Geiler recalls pitching his manager, thinking it would never fly. “I want to call it ‘Happy Jack: The Grave Dancer.'”

“Great,” the manager responded.

And with a single word, a dancing internet sensation was born. Happy Friday Halloween everyone!