Leno Leads in Product Placement

By Andrew Gauthier 


Finally, there’s a Nielsen chart in which “The Jay Leno Show” is a dominant No. 1.

According to Nielsen data, “Leno” boasted more “product placement activity” 1,015 mentions than any other regularly scheduled broadcast and cable series in 2009.


USAs “WWE Monday Night Raw” was next, with 787 occurrences, followed by NBCs “The Biggest Loser” (704) and Foxs “American Idol” (553).

According to Nielsen, “product placement activity” includes both paid appearances and unpaid mentions, so take these numbers with a grain of salt, particularly for the “Leno” stats.

While product mentions on tightly produced reality shows like “Idol” and “Loser” were likely paid for, the “Leno” mentions also include times when the host or guests make off-the-cuff, unpaid mentions of products or even times when host Leno ribs a product as part of a monologue or sketch gag. More…