LA Stations Defend Their Coverage of Wildfire

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Los Angeles Times

Executives at several local television stations defended their coverage of the Station fire over the weekend after Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich and some viewers complained that the fire, despite evacuations and threats to homes, did not receive the continuous coverage given previous large blazes.

Antonovich on Monday accused television news stations of being negligent in failing to provide comprehensive fire coverage.


“There were a large number of evacuations taking place, people and animals were in danger, and people had no information of where to go,” Antonovich said in an interview. “I’m upset. The media let people down during a horrendous fire, one of the worst in the county’s history.”

But local news officials countered Monday that they gave appropriate coverage to what was then principally a brush fire. They noted that the fire had already been burning for a couple of days before the weekend and had not at that time posed a serious threat to a large number of residences. More…